Enjoy a moment of relaxation thanks to our massages!

We perform our massages near Besançon, in our Bed and Breakfast, Le Relais Des Deux Tours.

To book a massage, you simply need to add it when paying for your room!

Massages in Besançon

  • Californian massage – anti-stress, feeling of calm and well-being

  • Swedish massage – relieves tension, relaxes body and mind, eliminates toxins and muscle pain

  • Hawaïan massage – promotes self-healing of the body, physical and psychological well-being

  • Aromatic massage, herbal medicine – alliance of the benefits of aromatherapy and massage

  • Ayurvedic massage – energy rebalancing, tones the muscles, the mind, soothes the nervous system and improves sleep

  • Zenith massage – cranial, palmar and pedestrian acupressure for absolute relaxation, eliminates tension, stress and fatigue
massage besançon
massage le relais des deux tours

Massage Besançon