The citadel of Besançon an exceptional site

visites insolites doubs

Vauban’s masterpiece listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a remarkable example of 17th century military architecture spanning nearly 12 hectares, a must-see in the city ! Overhanging the old town of the Comtoise capital by more than 100 meters, surrounded by a bend in the river Doubs, it offers spectacular panoramas from its ramparts. The Citadel now houses three museums labeled “Museums of France”.

Arc-et-Senans Royal Saltworks, the must-see !

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982, the Royal Saltworks of Arc et Senans is the masterpiece of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806), a visionary architect of the Age of Enlightenment. It is also a rare testimony in the history of industrial architecture. Manufacture intended for the production of salt, the Royal Saltworks was created by the will of Louis XV and built between 1775 and 1779.

dino zoo

Dino Zoo

Visiting the Dino-Zoo allows to enter a world that has emerged from the depths of time. Thrills and a change of scenery are guaranteed to all those – and there are many – curious to discover these fantastic creatures who reigned on the planet for more than 160 million years: the dinosaurs.

Gouffre de Poudrey cave

Located in the town of Étans, about twenty kilometers from Besançon, the capital of Franche-Comté and tourist crossroads, the Gouffre de Poudrey is a cave that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.